Music Video

    It is coming down to my final projects in school before I head back to NYC for another photography internship! In my multimedia class our last major project was to make a music video that includes a unknown artist who has a recorded track that we can use and build a story out of. We are in groups for this project and I am sure everyone LOVES group projects....NOT. I am not a fan, it isn't that I can't work with people because that is hardly the case. I can pretty much get along with/bend for whomever considering the given situation, but there are also times where you are just constantly put with the group  the thou end up doing all the work or the group that has very strong creative minds that sometimes don't mix well.

     I have learned from all this that you should always bend a little for the other partner in the group no matter what you feel may be better or smarter. I never want to be "hard to work with" because in the photography world you handle yourself poorly one and the whole photography community looses all respect for you before possibly even meeting you. I think that group work is healthy and gets you ready for the real world where you are going to constantly be working with that "one" guy or girl that you just want to hit them in the face, with a chair....

     Anyway's even though lately I have been pulling teeth with another partner to make them happy(which is beyond even my humble and happy personality) we have all three come together and produced an amazing video. I was the Production Director/Story Editor but also shot a couple scenes and helped on the storyboard. We had a folk-like singer and a beautiful couple to make a narrative about love to go along with the song. The way I put it together is kind of beautiful and really dreamy, well LOVEly I should say. I wanted to show some outtakes from the shoot and the video will come next week! Hope you all enjoy.

xx Emma