A day out..

This weekend I decided to take a stroll in the East Village and enjoy the beautiful sunny weather that happened all of the sudden! I am so ready for spring and it is taking its precious time getting here :( I know when it does it's going to be amazing and little spring dresses will be all over the city!

I recently found my apartment in Brookyln and lucked out with finding one right off the Bedford ave stop on the L train which is beyond exciting. So many beautiful people left and right and I can't wait to randomly start asking people if they would consider letting me take their pictures for fun and for my future portfolio I have to do for school! I am so excited to start a new adventure in a new neighborhood and of course with my new roommate Sara and her adorable puppy Buttercup! She is so awesome and I definitely lucked out their also. 

Also I started my internship yesterday (hence the no post thing, sorry about that.) As soon as I got there we started to paint an extra studio space my mentor had and let's just say I am hurting this morning...but all and all I know it is going to be a great learning experience and can't wait to see what is to come!

I hope everyone is having a great tuesday and not suffering too bad from the hour we are loosing each day. Emma definitely wasn't prepared for that at all.

I love lifestyle photography and I am ready to explore it more while I am in NYC and I took a couple shots that are simple but show new york in it's element.