Try-it Tuesday!

Today was a beautiful day in the city! Finally there was some-what of spring happening. The sun was in and out but the wind wasn't near as bad as it has been lately. I met up with Lua and we walked around and decided to go to a local Cafe/Grocery called Marlow and Son's. Also we decided to stop into a couple thrift stores! Marlow and Son's was adorable and filled with beautiful people...ha you know how I obsess over that constantly. I got a latte and a butter biscuit because I am a fatty, and Lua just got a plain coffee!

It was nice to sit a minute and enjoy my surroundings filled with locals who dress like they just walked out of Jcrew and Urban Oufitter catalogs. Just getting to be surrounded by artistic people really gets my juices flowing. 


With that said I have changed up the name of my blog/website a little so that my photography is a bit more prominent. Everything is still the same blog wise just changed the url and soon that may change again but everyone will know as that happens.

Anyways I hope you enjoy a couple shots from today and my awesome thrift finds minus the furry thing that wasn't thrifted ha!