"Wolf." If many of you don't know why that word was used I am about to tell you. It's an expression used instead of a word like "oh man" or "sh!t" ha say it to yourself when something not so fortunate happens "Woolf" ha. Never gets old and my friend Pete said it while I was in NYC and I haven't forgotten it since. It's catchy and unique and people look at you like what did you just say? BEST EVER ;)

Anyways I am at the airport and boarding soon to be in NYC and I am pretty excited about it and the fact I am one step closer to my dreams. Meeting new people and making constant connections is key in my creative field if I choose to make a living from it. I found a quote that I love from a book that I love and highly recommend :
“i wish means: would it be nice if..
i want means: if i want it enough i will get it.” -Paul Arden
-book: "Whatever you think, think the opposite"

More when I get to NYC, just checking in! Have a great Tuesday everyone!