Weekend Brunch

This weekend was filled with sunny and warm spring-like days...(FINALLY.) Ryan and I decided to have brunch Saturday and then do a little exploring around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was kind of fun to show her all the new places I have come across since I have moved here. I showed her a couple of my favorite thrift stores and we caught the last hour of Smorgasburg (part of the Brooklyn Flea.) 

Anyways starting off we hit a delicious place in South Williamsburg called Rabbit Hole. I highly recommend it if you are ever around the area. It is very cozy...but not in that annoying way where you hear everyone's conversation around you....ha THE WORST ever. It has a industrial/ "Brunchy" feel to it, so basically perfect for us. I had the eggs benedict and Ryan got the stuffed french toast...my mouth is watering just talking about it. They are reasonably priced, which was nice because let's face it..there is a reason brunch only happens on the weekends..haha. We had a little fun snapping some pictures while we were there. It is so weird getting my picture taken. I kind of hate it to be honest. I am usually the one taking the pictures and not being pictured. and Ryan took full advantage of capturing "Emma." haha

She took great pictures and I actually don't hate them too much. Which is saying a lot because I never like pictures of me at all. I guess it is nice for you all to see me too, and who is behind this whole "Photo Diary" thing. Oh by the way that isn't beer in my hand if you were wondering it is actually this crazy cool tea we tried at the Smorgasburg thing and it is called Kombuch. I will put link for that and the Smorgasburg thing below for you all to check out. Basically it gives you the same effects that coffee would without the "crash" part after the caffeine would eventually fade. Definitely something I could only have every once in awhile but it is worth trying if you hate the crash part of caffeine. 

I caught couple of moments while we sat near the East River, including a little girl who was just relaxing and taking in the sunshine. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Emma Jane

Thank you Ryan for pictures of me! <3