Rushed Love

Play song ^ > Then read!

I have another little love story I happened to catch while I was going down into the subway the other day. I literally changed my settings so fast and almost knew the girl was going to kiss her man....I think I just know when these things are about to happen. I am very much attracted to love, I think it is a beautiful thing. I was rushing to catch the L even though it comes every 15 seconds ha and saw this cute couple in front of me. Once again it was the girl making the moves...I love that. She kissed him on the cheek and immediately I caught it in motion.

Afterward I ran after them to catch her email so I could later give her the pictures and she was so surprised by it! She was actually leaving on the train before mine so we were rushed and I didn't get their names, but I just recently emailed her to remind her of the incident. I told her that I was the girl completely enamored by their love and caught it all on camera and would love to know their names for my next post! She replied.... and you all now are getting to meet the lovely Margaux that is from France and her boyfriend Tomas who is from Spain! 

The images are simple and to the point but I caught the moment and to me it was such an awesome feeling. Completely unexpected for them and such a memory and moment for me. As someone who is constantly learning when to capture those special moments I am learning always having your camera in hand is key.......

Never know what may pop up..