Time together

I have missed my brother a lot, and being able to watch him cook and pick out fresh ingredients at a super market has really made me realize how much. We are both very ambitious people in what we do. We both get really frustrated when something doesn't work out and our vision doesn't pull through like we expected. In his case it may be a dish, and in my case it is a photo shoot idea that didn't really pan out...  
I have been shooting everyday with him (pictures and video) while being on the cape and it really makes me appreciate what he does that much more. We really can compliment each other with our skills. I thought I would share a couple moments for everyones Friday! I don't want to give a lot away because there will be a lot of posts to come and a lot of Face to Face's and video's.....ooooooo
Basically what I am getting at is I hope you all keep following a long because I am very happy about these pictures coming up. Very happy about introducing my brother, his unbelievable passion and skill he has for cooking.
Happy Friday:)