A love story

I had a couple minutes this past weekend to stand on a corner and just let people pass me by and take their pictures as they were. I stayed in one spot...with my 85mm..those of you who aren't familiar with this lens its kind of obnoxious...basically like a fat kid lens and my camera is kind of loud when it takes pictures. Case and point people normally notice you if you are right beside them taking pictures. Well this couple didn't...not ONCE. I was literally RIGHT beside them. Fully enamored by their love. The way the girl positioned her hands on his shoulders and slowly made her way to his back pocket...so "Pretty in Pink." 

They stayed there for a while and so did I. I wanted to follow from beginning to end, and so I did. I am a hopeless romantic and if you know me you will know this is not anything new to capture this type of thing and I am completely determined to have a couple in my portfolio. Something simple but totally romantic whether it is tea and pastries in the morning in bed with light streaming in....it will happen. 

This is the love story I captured..I hope you all follow along...also all black and white..