Constantly Learning

Hey guys! So I just realized that over all these past photo sessions I have done with some amazing people I have left many great shots out. I never want to revile everything, because then there would be no mystery or that "wanting more" factor. 
I have learned so much from all the wonderful people I have met thus far. Not only am I taking their photos, but I am getting to hear their stories. I then try to photograph them as if they have never been photographed before. After they let me know those vulnerable and small insecurities they have about themselves I then try to make those things the beautiful things. I want their reaction to be "Emma I actually love this picture of myself...I look beautiful!" I want the audience to see that different side they always wonder about. We are all human and we see negative things about ourselves we wish we could change....but why? They crazy thing is, those things we are insecure about..someone else LOVES and is drawn to.
I recently had brunch with an awesome photographer friend, and I was telling him how I will send the photos to the person I photographed, and the photos they choose end up being the ones I honestly wouldn't have picked. Not because they aren't that great, but it's about how they see themselves and the moments that they swooned at vs. what I saw. As you can see we all see beauty of ourselves and others in so many different ways.
I know this post is already going in circles...which I tend to do when I talk (my insecurity.) It makes sense in my head..haha
Anyways what I mean is don't be so quick to put yourself down on those small things. One should accept themselves, because no matter what you have to live with yourself for.. well long as you live. haha
Think about it...say you aren't feeling your absolute cutest when you walk out the door for a date...what are you going to do about it? Have a super pout face....or OWN the shit out of it. They don't know that "that" specific moment you aren't feeling your best. Also what you may think isn't cute that guy or girl could instantly be swooning over as soon as you see each other. So this post is about thinking positive on this dreary Monday. Let's all look into the mirror, and accept ourselves and OWN the shit out of it. 

Below are some unforgotten/forgotten pictures...ENJOY:)

PS: I may have been listening to some motivational music while writing this...soo I will include that also;)

Also two pictures take a minute to load!