A Familiar Face

Hey everyone! I am so sorry for not posting lately! I have been getting everything together for my portfolio, and having last minute photoshoots that have taken up my free time! I am back and should be posting a little more frequently now! 
"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are."
This past weekend my best friend Ashleykate came to visit from NC. I have been missing her A LOT. It was time for her to come to say the least. It was nice seeing a familiar face on Bedford Ave at 4:00am. That's right, she had a lot of bad luck with the airport in Charlotte, NC and ended up being delayed for a good 6 hours. Oh well she got here and that is all that matters! I had a lot planned for her visit, but I feel as though once a friend gets here you end up spending more time talking in a coffee shop then seeing the city! She was only here for a weekend....bummer...but we made the most of it. We took the long way into the city, and walked across the Williamsburg bridge. We became indecisive about where to eat because I had endless places to choose from.
We ended up getting brunch at Jack's Wife Freda. An adorable place in Soho. As we were waiting for a table I began to people I always do. I was waiting for someone to make me whip out my camera. Sure enough I noticed this girl with some awesome sunnies on. They were round and her messy(in a good way) curly hair was fighting with the wind, and providing me with the perfect shot. She never noticed me. I wish I would have done a quick photoshoot with her, but then it was our time to eat. I enjoyed a delicious waffle with some kind of honey syrup, and Ashleykate got some type of Greek meal. So many colors so I had to photograph it! I also got a latte that was delicious. After we sat and talked about who knows what we left and wandered around Soho for awhile. Eventually we got back over to Brooklyn, and took care of our cravings for something sweet. Of course I told her about my favorite spot Bakeri. We both love chocolate chip cookies and I told her she had to have theirs! We sat out on their patio and ate cookies, and I got a cortado. Soon I will eventually turn into one of those things..
Anyways I took a couple shots and then we walked to the East river. We watched the sun go down, and possibly checked out some beautiful men that just happened to be "reading" in the park. Eventually I had to say my goodbyes...well more like see you later to my best friend. I am so glad she came and spent a couple days with me. I am relaxed and ready to finish my portfolio and hopefully blow everyone away!
I hope you enjoy the photos of our mini adventures!