Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all my collaboration with NOOK by Barnes & Noble. I was asked to show how I use the NOOK during my day to day activities. I was really impressed with how small and compact it was! Also a huge thing I noticed was the clarity the NOOK offered. There are so many tablets out there nowadays, but NOOK to me is different. It's very lightweight, and you will forget you even brought it with you! Below are all the ways I incorporated it into my routine! 

In the morning I am usually finishing up projects due that day, and getting inspiration for what I would like to shoot in the future. So basically, the morning ends up being a "Pinterest pinning" morning...haha

The NOOK has an app store just like the iPads. I downloaded Instagram and Pinterest right away, and the clarity on the apps were great!

I have made working out and being healthy a lifestyle, and do it all from home. I have found the perfect program "XHIT" on youtube last July, and still haven't tired from these girls! I do it all from my NOOK, while I have my favorite show (Gilmore Girls) streaming on Netflix through my computer. 

SIDE NOTE: Can we talk about how my messy bun looks?! It NEVER usually looks cute when I throw my hair up like that, like you see all these girls do in a second. I am sure it won't happen intentionally again, so I am taking in a good messy bun moment! haha



Usually I am out and about a lot when I am not editing at home. Getting out of the editing black hole is a must when you are looking at the same images all day. Another big part of my world is EMAILS. Which I will be the first to admit is not my strong suit. Meaning replying right away. I am usually back and forth with editing/shooting then emails are last. I am trying to get better guys I promise!

The NOOK makes it so easy to grab a cup of coffee and view/respond to emails on the go. It's so lightweight, and way better then lugging my laptop around. So basically, a perfect alternative between a laptop and cellphone.

Ok, here it is....I am not just saying this to say it... 

Next time you are in Barnes and Noble, you MUST look the NOOK over. Coming from a person whom thinks "Oh wow...another tablet to throw into the mix..." I really think the quality you get for the price is pretty awesome. #lifeofnook

 Info on the NOOK/coffee shop is below:)


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7.0

Sweatshop (Coffee Shop info, if you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, BK)


Weekend Brunch

This weekend was filled with sunny and warm spring-like days...(FINALLY.) Ryan and I decided to have brunch Saturday and then do a little exploring around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was kind of fun to show her all the new places I have come across since I have moved here. I showed her a couple of my favorite thrift stores and we caught the last hour of Smorgasburg (part of the Brooklyn Flea.) 

Anyways starting off we hit a delicious place in South Williamsburg called Rabbit Hole. I highly recommend it if you are ever around the area. It is very cozy...but not in that annoying way where you hear everyone's conversation around you....ha THE WORST ever. It has a industrial/ "Brunchy" feel to it, so basically perfect for us. I had the eggs benedict and Ryan got the stuffed french mouth is watering just talking about it. They are reasonably priced, which was nice because let's face it..there is a reason brunch only happens on the weekends..haha. We had a little fun snapping some pictures while we were there. It is so weird getting my picture taken. I kind of hate it to be honest. I am usually the one taking the pictures and not being pictured. and Ryan took full advantage of capturing "Emma." haha

She took great pictures and I actually don't hate them too much. Which is saying a lot because I never like pictures of me at all. I guess it is nice for you all to see me too, and who is behind this whole "Photo Diary" thing. Oh by the way that isn't beer in my hand if you were wondering it is actually this crazy cool tea we tried at the Smorgasburg thing and it is called Kombuch. I will put link for that and the Smorgasburg thing below for you all to check out. Basically it gives you the same effects that coffee would without the "crash" part after the caffeine would eventually fade. Definitely something I could only have every once in awhile but it is worth trying if you hate the crash part of caffeine. 

I caught couple of moments while we sat near the East River, including a little girl who was just relaxing and taking in the sunshine. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Emma Jane

Thank you Ryan for pictures of me! <3


Coffee, Sprinkles and Inspiration

I promised you all a happy post today, and I'd like to think I follow through with my promises! ha Anyways last week I finally decided on one of my days off to try Sprinkles! I know you are all probably have never had their cupcakes....and I am all like no I am from North Carolina...nuff said. ha Well I decided to go on a day I was feeling pretty crappy and the cupcakes definitely made up for it. I had a normal sized plain vanilla cupcake and a mini red velvet. They were PERFECTION. I have had a lot of cupcakes in my day but the frosting is pretty killer at Sprinkles.

The best part about the trip was the fact that I sat down in their small place and was next to this older lady who was enjoying a cupcake as well. Can you all think what happened next....well you probably guessed it, we started talking and had a full on conversation. We talked about many things, but there was one thing she said I will never forget. She said "I think nice people meet nice people" and I said "I think your right." Those simple moments in life that many of us take for granted but that is one I will never forget. 

More after Sprinkle pictures..


Toby's Estate Coffee

Then yesterday I decided to stop by a coffee place I pass everyday. It is called Toby's Estate Coffee. The reason I have not went in yet is because everyone you see in the window is that means I had to look my absolute BEST before entering. The atmosphere is simple and awesome...filled with again BEAUTIFUL people. ha.. The people who worked there were very helpful and made me a beautiful latte! If you are ever in the area and need some delicious coffee and a great atmosphere to get something work done, Toby's is the place to go!

125 N 6th St  Brooklyn, NY 11249
(347) 457-6160


Things that inspired me this week!

Favorite  Portfolio Ideas

Favorite Portfolio Ideas

Favorite  Words

Favorite Words

Favorite  DIY

Favorite DIY

Favorite  Bedroom Idea

Favorite Bedroom Idea

Favorite  Moment

Favorite Moment

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Emma Jane

Blown Away

Today was very windy and gloomy, but the one thing about New York that never gets old is no matter what the weather.. it is beautiful. I love getting lost in the neighborhoods and seeing what kind of cute "secret" coffee shops I can find. I believe in helping the small startups that are so passionate about their little shops that only seat maybe 10 people. Being unique is hard but somehow there are so many unique places in nyc that may be hiding but still have a huge fan club. I went for a stroll in soho today and found a badass stationary that is pictured below. It is random but also a tad non-classy/classy at the same time. ha I am so ironic (oh well)...

I then wandered back into the East Village which I am somewhat familiar with. I came across Ost Cafe. It is very romantic(Paris Like) you could say and made me feel like I was european for a minute ha. I sat at the window to people watch...naturally..and enjoyed probably the best cappuccino I've ever had. Maybe it's the fact that I was finally realizing I am back in nyc or that I am already on my second internship for school, but today was simple and perfect. No pressure, I just got to look out the window and have a moment to myself. This happened so fast and I am so grateful I have an amazing mom who supports me and lets me follow my dreams at 19. I don't think I could ever be able to thank her enough but I intend to make her proud with everything I try to do. Accomplishing goals is hard but I intend to stay as humble, grateful, strong and loving as she taught me to be through my many adventures now and for what's to come. Support is huge especially since I come from such a small town and many people don't understand my love for such a huge/busy city and ambitious dreams I always talk about. Ever since I was 14 I told my friends I will end up in New York one day doing something awesome....and look what happened! I can't thank my friends and family enough for watching me strive for my dreams. I know they don't understand "that feeling" that I get when I am flying over a city that has skyscrapers for miles. This place gives me that push to make myself better and I feel so much more in my element that is constantly inspiring me. I want to eventually do something someone else can hopefully want to aspire too.

Well enough of all this serious talk..make sure to check out a couple shots from today!



I thought this floor was awesome at Ost cafe.

I thought this floor was awesome at Ost cafe.

I want these from Paper Source.. "Shit" cards haha.

I want these from Paper Source.. "Shit" cards haha.

From my view today while enjoying my coffee.

From my view today while enjoying my coffee.

Beginning &amp; The End.

Beginning & The End.