Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all my collaboration with NOOK by Barnes & Noble. I was asked to show how I use the NOOK during my day to day activities. I was really impressed with how small and compact it was! Also a huge thing I noticed was the clarity the NOOK offered. There are so many tablets out there nowadays, but NOOK to me is different. It's very lightweight, and you will forget you even brought it with you! Below are all the ways I incorporated it into my routine! 

In the morning I am usually finishing up projects due that day, and getting inspiration for what I would like to shoot in the future. So basically, the morning ends up being a "Pinterest pinning" morning...haha

The NOOK has an app store just like the iPads. I downloaded Instagram and Pinterest right away, and the clarity on the apps were great!

I have made working out and being healthy a lifestyle, and do it all from home. I have found the perfect program "XHIT" on youtube last July, and still haven't tired from these girls! I do it all from my NOOK, while I have my favorite show (Gilmore Girls) streaming on Netflix through my computer. 

SIDE NOTE: Can we talk about how my messy bun looks?! It NEVER usually looks cute when I throw my hair up like that, like you see all these girls do in a second. I am sure it won't happen intentionally again, so I am taking in a good messy bun moment! haha



Usually I am out and about a lot when I am not editing at home. Getting out of the editing black hole is a must when you are looking at the same images all day. Another big part of my world is EMAILS. Which I will be the first to admit is not my strong suit. Meaning replying right away. I am usually back and forth with editing/shooting then emails are last. I am trying to get better guys I promise!

The NOOK makes it so easy to grab a cup of coffee and view/respond to emails on the go. It's so lightweight, and way better then lugging my laptop around. So basically, a perfect alternative between a laptop and cellphone.

Ok, here it is....I am not just saying this to say it... 

Next time you are in Barnes and Noble, you MUST look the NOOK over. Coming from a person whom thinks "Oh wow...another tablet to throw into the mix..." I really think the quality you get for the price is pretty awesome. #lifeofnook

 Info on the NOOK/coffee shop is below:)


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7.0

Sweatshop (Coffee Shop info, if you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, BK)



Currently I am doing the whole "Airbnb" thing while I find my next permanent place in Brooklyn, NY. It is very interesting to say the least. My host is cool. I think it is just one of those things where it is awkward regardless because it isn't your actual home. I kind of feel like I am staying with a distant Aunt I only get cards from when its my birthday, but never actually visit/see her. So staying in a random place is always kind of uncomfortable, I mean you definitely pay attention to the messes you make 10x more then usual. (Not that I am a messy person by any means..)
I hope to find a place soon so that is good...ha..(desperation in her voice..)
Anyways I snapped a couple pictures out and about yesterday. I am currently shooting for a company who is advertising for the Nike+FuelBand thing. I am having to shoot the ads that Nike is putting up all around the city. Some may be digital displays while others are simple posters. It is somewhat of a scavenger hunt.
Also thought I would throw in a picture of the cards I am photographing from Gold Field Arts. They have beautiful cards that all of you should check out. I will include a link below. I hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

PS. My new shirt has Chickens on it!!!