Wow so many things have been happening as of late. I recently got a part-time job at UrbanOutfitters to have a little extra to buy some things for myself....haha. Anyways I realized I haven't really sat down and talked on here in a while. I am always updating with photos I am taking for projects I am doing. Not that I don't love updating everyone I also like to take time and talk about stuff. I am a human I have problems and ups and downs like everyone else. Though my Instagram may look dreamy, and only consist of coffee and doughnuts but....

Life isn't all doughnuts and daily cortados...hmm...if only...

Today I actually went to shoot something, but ended up rescheduling for later so then there was this camera I had on me...

I was actually walking back home and opened my eyes a little. I always pass this tattoo shop, and for some reason this time there was this little boy sitting in the doorway reading a book! First off I was taken back that this little boy was "reading" a book, and then I was even more thrown off by the fact he was just chilling in front of a tattoo shop. Something about the fact he was so into this book and not an ipad. Ipad's are taking over the world these days, especially with kids. They know how to work those things more then adults. Anyways the boy noticed me, and I asked him if I could take some photos. He said yes and I told him to stay how he was but to look down...then when I count to 3 just look up. He did so...perfectly I might add, and below is the result. Such a lovely moment.

Then I needed to walk around and enjoy the last fallen leaves that make the streets come alive. I do love snuggly weather, but boy does NYC take that to a whole another level. It has been teasing us lately, and I must admit I am dreading the blistering winds that are coming. 

Also the last photo I must tell you about a lovely lady named Emily. She is the owner of The Object Enthusiast, and her products are beautiful. She send me a small vase and ring dish (I will photograph later) and I am just swooning over here. Make sure to check out her stuff....I promise you won't be leaving that cart empty...

Link below!


Also it actually just turned 12 as I am writing this so I would like to give a shout out to my AMAZING / BEAUTIFUL / LOVING / SMART Momma. Happy Birthday Mom I LOVE you and I am so thankful that you are my mom. You have allowed me to follow my dreams, and I appreciate/love you more then you know. 



Pie Party

In honor of the Pie Party today I thought I would share some images from my pie making day with Camille Becerra and Kristy Mucci. They are some beautiful and talented ladies. It was just a lovely afternoon of making pies and tarts while the beautiful natural light in Camille's apartment was flooding in. I have had the pleasure to meet a lot of creative people lately, and couldn't be more grateful. We all have so much to learn from others, and I try to soak up as much as I can during something as simple as making a pie. I hope you all are having a beautiful start to the Fall. More lovely things coming soon. Make sure to follow my instagram for more recent updates : emjane12