Little Things

Hey guys! I came across a couple images I have taken in the past weeks. I thought it would be nice to have a little post about some sweet moments. About a week or more ago there was a delicious Pie Party at the lovely Patricks house. I made my mom's very southern, mouthwatering and delicious Apple Pie. Take note this was my first time doing so by myself....(with my mom on Facetime of course..) Let's just say my speakers in my Iphone still don't work because of all the flour that got into them haha.
iIt was my first time making my favorite pie that my mom makes. Simple and to the point. I must say no one can make it like my momma, but I think I did pretty well! I need a little more practice on the crust (as in rolling it enough where it can cover the bottom and top of the pie pan..) I improvised..haha
Needless to stay I have a lot more practicing to do but It tasted like buttery goodness..
On another note..

I recently moved into my new place and still getting everything decorated just right. One step/thrift store at a time! I included a picture of my bed area, and the rest will come soon. I am working on a couple collaborations with some people and making my relax/green corner next:)
Also...CLARK'S oh my can only imagine how surprised I was when I found out they have made awesome new styles for girls in boots! I went looking for some boots and saw an associate working who was actually wearing them. I had to try them. They are so comfortable and practical for going around shooting! I highly recommend to WON'T be disappointed !! Also for more updates follow along on my Instagram: emmajanekepley <3
Oh yea....Happy National Cheeseburger Day! Yea that's right get your man to take you to Shake Shack!