Long time no talk

Hello guys!

I hope you haven't moved on and given up on me lately. I have had the most crazy past 2 months. If you foliow me on Instagram then you have noticed I have been busy with a part-time that felt like a full-time job during the holidays. Not to mention I just moved into a new place with my lovely friend/roomie Anarosa that you see to the right! Not only that, but I recently just photographed two weddings. Oh my! So as I edit those you will definitely get some sneak peeks! I may have added a couple you have seen parts of below.

I am finally back, and getting so many new things coming to you all! I am going to be featuring collaborations with many artists and makers. I promise it was worth the wait. Also I am going to be getting a new logo soon which is very exciting! I am so thankful for what I have learned in 2013 from so many talented people. I have gotten the pleasure to make so many relationships with people through my photography. These are people that have inspired me to create and reach my goals and dreams. The crazy thing is I am now getting to photograph them. I am so blessed and appreciative for the opportunities I have been given thus far, and can't wait to do much more! I am constantly growing and learning. 

I wanted to give you all a little start to the new year with a couple random photos from as of late. I got the pleasure of photographing some of my friends I met over Instagram. Sarah and Joshua are so creative and ambitious. I have been following them both for quite some time now. They should be at the top of the Instagram Suggestion list in my opinion. If you are on Instagram you should look them up: @joshuaweaver and @sarahsiroky. I am sure there is only a matter of time before they will be InstaFAMOUS. Anyways they happened to visit NYC when we had our first snow blowout of the winter. As my fingers were literally falling off I didn't care. Their love for each other is intoxicating and pure. I have no doubt they are going to do amazing and creative things. They made my heart melt. Sarah is also going to be the one to create my new logo. We are cooking something up as we speak, and I couldn't be more excited! Anyways here is just a couple snaps of the past. Enjoy.. more coming soon. Thank you all for sticking with me and ALWAYS check my Instagram (emmajanekepley) for recent updates always!