Afternoon Delight

Last week I began to visit a local bakery called Bakeri a little more then I would like to admit. I can't help myself though. From their delicious cortado's and yummy chocolate chip peanut butter cookies they have me hooked. Not to mention their interior and exterior is divine. I almost feel like I have stepped out of NYC and into Paris. In New York not a lot of places have back patios to relax on. When I found out that Bakeri did I have kind of escaped there this past week. I observed my surroundings..whether it would be beautiful people, or the birds was just soothing.  
During school we had an assignment to photograph 36 strangers in all different kinds of lighting conditions. It was how we learned to use a flash for a DSLR. As if learning how to use a flash isn't hard enough...we then had to go up to 36 strangers. For me the stranger part was the easy part. I love people and love to talk. My favorite thing to do in coffee shops or well pretty much anywhere is to strike up a conversation. There are artistic people all around me here in NYC, and not taking advantage of that is well..DUMB. I am sure you are wondering why this applies with this post. Well I actually noticed this beautiful, natural girl on the back patio as I was eating lunch. You will notice my creeper shot. haha Then I noticed this beautiful stone wall covered in greenery. Naturally I thought why not put the two subjects together. I waited for this couple to leave. I then asked her if she would mind if we do a little mini photoshoot. She probably thought I was crazy, and that I talk really bad. 
 -Side Note: When I get excited about an idea I tend to talk really fast, and just not make any sense. Oh well..that's Emma for ya.
Anyways she eventually understood what I meant and was happy to help. I first thought that was amazing, and then thought Emma you have to take full advantage of this situation. So below I included a couple shots I was able to achieve with a beautiful girl named Yuri. I feel the atmosphere fit her natural beauty rather perfect actually. I am leaving some for a surprise later on for my portfolio..but you will get the idea.
Thank you again Yuri for your time and letting me photograph you. It was certainly a pleasure and kind of an awesome part of my day.
Emma Jane